The Studio

The ancient art of feather work gains modern ground here, where feathers are skillfully incorporated, in a broad range of applications, into couture clothing, exclusive jewelry, and sculptural avian delights.

All feather work garments, headpieces and accessories are custom designed and created for the individual. 

Commissions for film, stage, fashion, and publications are welcome.

Textile Avian Sculptures are displayed in their special gallery as they come available for sale.

The Feather Work

Stacia Lang has had a special interest in birds and their colorful plumage since childhood. Learning about the practice of feather adornment in tribal and Western cultures held a fascination that has endured to this day. Several years ago, while working on the fantasy film, Eragon, Stacia embellished a riding cloak with a feather motif. With that experience came a renewed enthusiasm for feather work.


The Sacred Feather

Enchanting and ethereal, a soaring bird has inspired and elevated the human spirit for millennia. As the unique instrument of flight, the feather is imbued with mystical and magical qualities, and is a privilege and an honor to don in all forms of ornamentation.

The sacred feather is still recognized here today.

Vintage French Cards depicting "Les Paradisiers," Birds of Paradise, who's plumes were coveted in the golden age of millinery. These cards, among other vintage and antique bird ephemera, fill the studio and create the ambience that fuels a rich creativity in feather work design.